Northern Ireland is not unique in experiencing fuel poverty however it affects a much greater percentage of households here, compared to the rest of the UK*.

Its impacts are felt in a wide range of ways, on physical and mental health, household finances, the economy and ultimately on peoples quality of life.  While we understand and embrace the fact that its causes are complex and its consequences are multiple, we are determined to show that it can be resolved with political will and through achievable actions.

The Fuel Poverty Coalition is here not just to raise the profile of fuel poverty in Northern Ireland but to work with those who have the responsibility and ability to make a real difference by tackling it and to promote the idea that when we work together we can create…

‘……..a society in which people live in a warm, comfortable home and need not worry about the effect of the cold on their health.’

Warmer Healthier Homes 2011

Proportion of the population fuel poor (%)









Northern Ireland

  1.  England figures relate to 2015, published by BEIS June 2017
  2.  Scotland figures relate to 2014, published by the Scottish Government December 2015
  3.  Wales figures are projected for 2016, published by the Welsh Government 2016
  4.  Northern Ireland figures related to 2011, published by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive 2014

Latest Updates

UK Fuel Poverty Monitor 2016-2017

27 July 2017   National Energy Action (NEA) and Energy Action Scotland (EAS) released a new report this month which estimates over 9,600 frail and vulnerable people across the UK are at risk of dying throughout the coming winter months due to cold homes; 80 people per...

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