27 July 2017


The Utility Regulator has recently confirmed that the Northern Ireland Sustainable Energy Programme (NISEP) will be extended for a further year until March 2019.

The NISEP is a customer levy with 80% of funds targeted at providing vital energy efficiency measures to low income households throughout Northern Ireland.

The Fuel Poverty Coalition called for energy efficiency to be an infrastructure priority in the Fuel Poverty Manifesto for Warmth in 2016.  This priority remains significant and whole house solutions, as provided in some of the NISEP schemes, will assist many families who are adversely affected by cold damp homes.  The Fuel Poverty Coalition and NEA’s Energy Justice Campaign continues to campaign for the retention of the fund until an alternative scheme is implemented.

Northern Ireland continues to feel the ramifications of austerity and welfare reform.  Alongside the current political impasse this news has provided some certainty for many organisations and most importantly some relief for fuel poor households.

The NISEP provides some £7.9million towards energy efficiency interventions which includes insulation and heating upgrades.

Read the full news story from the Utility Regulator here Update on the Northern Ireland Sustainable Energy Programme (NISEP).