Publications and Reports



July UK Fuel Poverty Monitor 2016-2017
June Delivering energy efficiency: the forgotten fuel?


July UK Fuel Poverty Monitor 2015-16
March Fuel Poverty Coalition Manifesto for Warmth


June NISEP Decision Paper on Proposal to Extend Programme and Reallocate Costs Between Customer Groups
June UK Fuel Poverty Monitor 2014-15


August Transforming Northern Ireland’s Heating Systems: A Plan to Retrofit Dwellings


April Final Summary Report for the Fuel Poverty NI-Wide Market Research Project


March Energising Northern Ireland Report


October Fuel Poverty Interim Report – Professor Hills
October Joseph Rowntree Foundation Fuel Poverty Policy Summary Report
September Fuel Poverty Coalition Briefing Paper
September A Cold House for Everyone? Fuel Poverty in Northern Ireland; Citizens Advice Bureau
September The Northern Ireland Assembly Research Paper on Fuel Poverty
August Age Sector Platform 2011 Pensioners Parliament Report
June The Health Impacts of Cold Homes and Fuel Poverty
May Fuel Poverty Coalition Assembly Election Manifesto
March University of Ulster “Hard To Treat Homes in Northern Ireland” Evaluation Report
March Warmer Healthier Homes; a New Fuel Poverty Strategy for Northern Ireland
January Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) Great Britain’s Housing Energy Fact File


October Centre for Sustainable Energy – Understanding Fuel Expenditure Report
October Kirklees Council Warm Homes Scheme Report
August Defining Fuel Poverty in Northern Ireland; a Preliminary Review
June Energy Brokering Report – Feasibility Study


August Northern Ireland House Condition Survey Statistical Annex