Fuel Poverty Coalition Progress Report Day

The Progress Report Day held on 23rd September brought the Coalition members up to speed on the latest thoughts of the working groups, propose new solutions and ask new questions, and re-focus the work of the Coalition for the next year.  The purpose of the event was also to launch a new Oak Foundation funded research report “Transforming Northern Ireland’s Heating Systems: A Plan to Retrofit Dwellings”, commissioned by Bryson Energy, with Professor Christine Liddell presenting the findings from the report.

The speakers for the event were Professor Christine Liddell University of Ulster, John Ross South Eastern Regional College and Paul Wallace NEA NI and their presentations can be downloaded below.


Presentation Downloads


A Plan to Retrofit Dwellings
Professor Christine Liddell
Ulster University
Whole House Solution
John Ross
South Eastern Regional College (SERC)
A summary of the four working groups
Paul Wallace
National Energy Action Northern Ireland


Please click here if you would like to view the report launch press release by Bryson Energy.  You can also download the The Morris Report by Chris Morris, including the Intro by Professor Christine Liddell.