To get started:
  • If possible, have a copy of your bill at hand.  This will provide information on your current tariff and how much you currently spend.
  • Currently there are only two natural gas suppliers in the Greater Belfast area and therefore the price comparison tool for gas is only applicable to this area.

Things to consider:
  • The results provided are based on a unit for unit (sometimes called kw/h) comparison and do not include additional incentives. Don’t forget to check the incentives column and factor those into your calculations.
  • If you want to stay with your current supplier, ask if there is a better deal.
  • Most suppliers charge a security deposit if you have a credit meter and don’t pay by direct debit or if you fail a credit check. This can range between £150 to £200 and is typically returned after 12 months or if you switch supplier, unless bills are not paid fully or on time. 
  • Select the ‘More Info’ tab on the ‘Results’ page to visit the supplier’s website and find out more about the tariff, unit rate and terms and conditions.
  • Typically the best savings available are by switching both supplier and billing/payment method (e.g. Direct Debit and online billing).


The Consumer Council have an energy price comparison tool online that will enable you to compare electricity and gas tariffs for every supplier in Northern Ireland.

To use the comparison tool, please click visiting The Consumer Council’s website by clicking here.