The Northern Ireland Pensioners Parliament was established in 2011.

Organised by Age Sector Platform, the parliament provides a truly democratic and bottom-up approach to tackling the issues of concern for older people.  During the last four years, as part of the project, over 1,100 pensioners from across Northern Ireland have been surveyed to identify the main problems for older people here.  Since the inception of the Northern Ireland Pensioners Parliament, almost 5,000 individuals have completed a questionnaire and highlighted their top concerns.

Over the last few years there have been many changes to the Health & Social Care service in Northern Ireland, and therefore Age Sector Platform’s Health Campaign Committee decided to conduct a more detailed survey of pensioners’ views of health & social care.

The online survey took place between 29th April and 17th May 2015 (inclusive).  Almost 700 older people from across Northern Ireland completed the survey.  This report details the findings of that survey.