Putting an end to the cost and suffering of living in a cold damp home, and creating economic growth

The Fuel Poverty Coalition was launched in 2010 and currently has a membership base of over 120 organisations from across Northern Ireland representing industry, third sector, health sector, elected representatives, local government and community interest groups.

We have reissued our Fuel Poverty Manifesto for Warmth, which outlines the most recent fuel poverty statistics and illustrates the societal and economic benefits of addressing fuel poverty, including the savings to the health services.

Please make this a warmer, brighter future for thousands of voters and respond to our Manifesto for Warmth by committing within your own manifestos, to an additional, long term investment to radically improve the energy efficiency for fuel poor homes and end the suffering caused by fuel poverty within 10 years.


Let’s end Fuel Poverty for all in Northern Ireland!